2018 Supporters

We are so pleased to have the support of some amazing people. First and foremost, we would like to thank our wonderful volunteers:

  • Des Alaniz
  • Saffana Anwar
  • Ryah Belford
  • Maya Bergamasco
  • Amy Boglarski
  • Dayna Bradstreet
  • Sarah Bush
  • Hannah Callahan
  • Alyson Gamble
  • Kaneisha Gaston
  • Steven Gentry
  • Gigi Gilbert-Igelsrud
  • Lena Gluck
  • Puck Malamud
  • Emily Morin
  • Emilee Morrison
  • Lindsay Olson
  • Katy Purington
  • Elizabeth Reilly
  • Jessica Schiowitz
  • Laura Schmidt
  • Savannah Sessions
  • Josie Snow

We would also like to thank our sponsors:

Our technical support providers:

  • Simmons Technology
  • Simmons SLIS Tech Lab

Our caterers:

And special thanks to Dawn Stahura!

If you would like more information on how to support the DERAIL Forum, visit our donations page or contact us at derailforum@gmail.com.

The first day of DERAIL is TODAY!

Hello everyone! I hope you are ready for a day of DERAIL-ing! We are currently setting up breakfast. The Forum will begin at 9. If you are a virtual attendee, the link to connect to the live stream will only be available at the moment that the live stream begins. Check out our schedules for Saturday and Sunday, as well as the bios of our fantastic presenters! A quick note, many of the presenters for today have elected to present virtually as a result of weather-related travel complications of yesterday. If you need directions, access to the collaborative notes, access to the live stream link, or anything else at all, please email derailforum@gmail.com. Follow us on Twitter @derailforum and use the hashtag #DERAIL2018 for more updates!

Weather Advisory

Hello again! We would like to announce that DERAIL is still continuing as planned for Saturday and Sunday, March 3-4. However, beginning today (Friday) in Boston, there is some inclement weather going on, to say the least. We have received notice of flights being canceled and other transportation being affected. At this point, one of the planned presentations will be video recorded and posted on our website some point last week, rather than taking place in person. If the weather is affecting your ability to get to Boston, please reach out to us at derailforum@gmail.com as soon as possible. We want everyone to be safe, so use your best judgment and take precautions!

Tomorrow’s the Big Day!

Tomorrow is the event that you’ve all been waiting for: the third annual DERAIL Forum! If you are registered, by now you should have received an email with instructions and information based on whether you are attending in person or virtually. If you have not gotten this email, or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to derailforum@gmail.com.